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Piccolo museo della Poesia - Incolmabili Fenditure (Poetry Museum)

museo della poesia











Address: Via Gregorio X, 17 - oratorio San Cristoforo
Telephone: +39 347 0359629

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*From september 2020
Sunday: 11 am-5 pm (free entrance)

Monday-Saturday upon request (7 Euros)
The museum adheres to the circuit Piacenza networked museums


'Piccolo Museo della Poesia Incolmabili Fenditure’ was born in Piacenza thanks to the Cultural Association bearing the same name. The founding members tenaciously pursued the dream to create the first Poetry Museum in Europe; as a matter of fact, though many Poetry Foundations exist, the museum in Piacenza represents a pilot project at continental level.The Art Gallery – ‘Spazialismo poetico’, inside the museum,doesn’t have to be considered a separate entity: besides the traditional museum, it also plays an important role in arts and local poetry;  thus, the Gallery is central to the Museum‘s activity: its aim is to be the centre of innovation and experimentation in arts; interacting with the smartest intelligences of the contemporary time and helping the communication between memory and change.

May 13, 2020 - Feb 13, 2015