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Museo della stampa Marcello Prati

Address: via Benedettine, 66 - presso sede quotidiano Libertà
Telephone: +39 0523 393939


Opening hours: open for temporary exhibitions.


The Press Museum, open in headquarters of Libertà newspaper of Piacenza, is specifically dedicated to all typographic tools used up to 1980, which then became obsolete. The museum collects memories from the times when the press used to print their material as an artisanal workshop, with movable types and large quantities of ink.  Inside the museum it is possible to see the “historic” typesetting machines

(Linotypes, Nebitype, Ludlow), lead and wooden types, metal and rubber clichés, flans made of special cardboard, lead pages, printing cylinders, brushes, tweezers, typometers.

Jun 30, 2020 - Dec 13, 2014