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Galleria e Collegio Alberoni

Address: via Emilia Parmense, 67
Telephone: +39 0523 577011 cell phone +39 349 4575709
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Collegio Alberoni is one of the most significant historic buildings in Piacenza and its unique characteristic is that it maintained its original function of training school for future priests, as well as an active centre for the study of theology, philosophy, and science. It was founded by the Cardinal Giulio Alberoni (1664-1752), first minister of Philip V of Spain and an active participant in the political life of this period. The Collegio was built in 1732, and opened in 1751 just before the Cardinal’s death, who passed it on to Padri della Missione with the aim of transforming it into a high-quality school.

The structure includes a precious Library with about 130,000 volumes, the Gabinetto di Fisica (Physics laboratory), that of Scienze Naturali (Natural Sciences laboratory), an Osservatorio sismico and meteorologico (seismic and meteorological observatory) (1802) still perfectly working, and a Specola astronomica (1870) (an astronomical observatory). The real jewel of the Collegio is the Pinacoteca, or art gallery, built from the Roman and Piacenza collection of the Cardinal, and through successive acquisitions. The most ancient and delicate paintings (such as the valuable diptych by Jan Provost and other precious works by Flemish artists) and those by important artists from the Italian 17th century (Luca Giordano, Guido Reni) are preserved in the Cardinal’s apartment, but the largest part of the rare Alberoni’s painting collection (Gian Paolo Panini, Giovan Battista Lenardi, Domenico Maria Viani, Sebastiano Conca, Sebastiano Martinez, and numerous “genre art” paintings such as still life, sea life, battles, flower paintings) is exhibited in the suggestive and elegant area of Nuova Galleria Alberoni, built around 1960 and today a modern museum and meeting or concert room. The art gallery is also famous for the unique collection once owned by Alberoni of eighteen superb tapestries by Flemish artists (16th – 17th centuries). The extremely rare piece of the collection is Ecce Homo, a superb masterpiece of ancient art, by Antonello da Messina.

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