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Antiquarium Santa Margherita

Indirizzo: Auditorium della Fondazione di Piacenza e Vigevano
Via Sant'Eufemia, 12
Telefono: +39 0523 311116 
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The complex adheres to the circuit Piacenza networked museums


S. Margherita complex is the only case in Piacenza of preservation and promotion of stratified traces of the 2,000 year history of Piacenza. A corner of the historic centre that attests the layers of buildings which characterised the city through the centuries: from the Roman era, to the Middle Ages, and the Baroque period. An old building from the Roman era (second half of the 6th century) was reused to build here a three-nave temple dedicated to Santa

Liberata; on this building, after 1000, was created a new church in Romanesque style dedicated to Santa Margherita, which probably used the previous church as crypt. For what concerns the current building, a hypothesis suggests that it dates back to the first half of the 18th century.

After a delicate restoring activity at the end of the last century, the upper church was transformed in auditorium, and now hosts a wide array of events. The excavations under the upper church revealed, apart from the most ancient architectural structures, also the remains of a furnace, some tombs (probably from the Lombard period), and Roman objects. These are exhibited in the Antiquarium created inside the ancient building, and with the help of selected findings and explanatory panels, guides the visitor through this corner of Piacenza from the Roman era to the Middle Ages, and the Baroque period.

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