Via Emilia



Via Emilia (329,300 Km) is a road of Roman origins built by the consul Marco Emilio Lepido between 189 and 187 B.C. to link Rimini directly with Piacenza. This important road proved fundamental through the years not only from the military point of view - in order to move armies quickly - but also for transport and commerce throughout the Roman Empire. Via Emilia also connected two important Roman roads: via Flaminia, consular road from Rome to Rimini (a colony founded in 268 B.C.), and via Postumia, from Genoa (passing throughPiacenza) to Aquileia, the last important centre in Veneto before the boundary of the Italian province, basically the Italian peninsula, under the control of the Roman Empire. Via Emilia is still today the most important road of Emilia Romagna (this region took its name from it) and is classified as SS 9. It now ends in Milan.

Nov 12, 2016 - Dec 13, 2014