Munta' di Ratt

Munta' di Ratt is a characteristic staircase in the old Piacenza city.


Address: between via Mazzini and via San Bartolomeo









People from Piacenza all know about it: is the famous staircase that linked Via Mazzini above with Via San Bartolomeo below. Its name probably originates in the expression “montata ratta”, basically a steep ascent, though in everyday language slowly became "la montata dei topi”. Popular legends recall that ‘rats’ (topi in Italian) ran up the staircase to find shelter from an overflowing Po river during floods. Now Munta’ di Ratt is one of the most characteristic spots in town: decorated with flowers on the balconies of old houses, scattered with tables from the small bars from “old Piacenza”. It comes alive in the summer with people chatting, dancing, and poetry readings. It is a suggestive corner for photographs especially when it snows in winter, thus becoming an enchanted place.

Jun 30, 2020 - Dec 13, 2014