Merchants Palace




Address: Piazza Cavalli








Located in the square bearing the same name, it hosts the Town Hall. It was built between 1676 and 1697 upon a project of the architect Angelo Caccialupi from Piacenza, to whom it had been commissioned by the Merchants’ Board. The building has three floors: the first floor, with an elegant loggia where paired columns support round arches, to which two orders of pilasters and windows correspond on the second floor. The façade is quite unusual due to the presence of a portico, made necessary by the public function of the palace and the subsequent need of a covered open space; it is worth to notice the combination of orders instead of the use of one single giant order and the resulting separation by means of strips to mark the transition between floors as well as the use of red intonaco, details which are in contrast with the smooth, 17th century firebrick surface, without decorations, as in other palaces from the same period. During the French rule, after the ancient guilds were banned, the palace was the headquarters of the electing board, the trade court and the Amateurs Actors Theatre.

Jul 22, 2017 - Dec 13, 2014