Governors Palace


Address: Piazza Cavalli


Telephone: 0523 3861







The palace, designed by the architect Lotario Tomba in 1787, hosted the governors’ offices and residence up to the annexation of the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza to the kingdom of Sardinia. The façade is enriched with a perpetual calendar and sun watch and was by Gian Francesco Barattieri. Tomba was able to add, in an architecturally complex area, already characterised by the Gothic palace, a high quality and very elegant building. Despite having a long façade, the Palace doesn’t affect the proportions of the Gothic Palace, thanks to the height decided by Tomba. The two side towers and the central part, which have the same height, make the façade less monotonous and nobler by reproposing the patterns of several contemporary castles.
Today the palace hosts the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture, while in the gallery, built around the half of the 50ies/ there are several businesses.

Jun 25, 2020 - Dec 13, 2014