Farnese Palace


Address: Palazzo Farnese city museums - Piazza Cittadella 29
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The story of Farnese Palace, eighth residence of the dinasty up to its extinction in 1731, began in 1558, when the Dukes Ottavio and Margherita started its construction, appointing Francesco Paciotto for the project. This included the demolition of the 14th century Citadel, which had been previously commissioned by Galeazzo Visconti: the western part, with its gate, crenellations and two towers remained. Subsequently, Jacopo Barozzi, known as Vignola, took over, but the contruction stopped in 1602 and only a half of the original project was completed. The building has three floors, two mezzanines, a large basement on the ground floor and two elegant loggias facing the inner ward, with corner niches and exedras. The architectural restoration has made it possible to appreciate the large volumes of the palace. As to the treasures which were once kept inside, after Charles Borbon became king of Naples in 1731, they were all taken to Naples: paintings, furniture, tapestries; therefore, the palace rapidly declined: it was used as barrack by the Austrian army, occupied by Napoleon’s troops and after World War II it was used to host the families who no longer had a house. The difficult and expensive restoration only started in 1965. Today Farnese Palace hosts the

City Museums with an Art Gallery, the Carriage Museum, the Archaeological section and the Risorgimento Museum.

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