Facsal is the pedestrian road that takes its name from the Vauxhall gardens in London



Address: Viale Pubblico Passeggio









Facsal is the most famous pedestrian road in the city. A 2 kilometre road just outside the historic centre, right on top of the Renaissance city walls. In the shade of centuries-old plane trees, Facsal is the ideal place for a walk, for a bike ride or to relax on the numerous benches disseminated along the way.

In some specific periods it also hosts marketsfairs and social activities for adults and children.

The name ‘Facsal’ originates from the English Vauxhall referring to the gardens founded in London in 1661 along the Thames bank as a place to have fun. This fashion was exported to Europe, reaching also Piacenza.

Jun 30, 2020 - Jan 19, 2015