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Alessandro and Ranuccio Farnese Equestrian Monuments

The equestrian monuments were made by the Tuscan sculptor Francesco Mochi from Montevarchi.


Indirizzo: Piazza Cavalli










Undoubted baroque masterpiece, the two equestrian monuments in Piazza dei Cavalli, are by the Tuscan sculptor Francesco Mochi from Montevarchi (1580-1654). For sixteen years, from 1612 to 1628, he worked on the two monuments, commissioned to him by the community to celebrate the Farnese family. Ranuccio (1620) (on the right of the Gothic palace), looks classical in his Roman costume, Alessandro(1625) looks extremely dynamic thanks to the cloak swollen by the wind, a detail which shows a more modern style, reminding of Bernini’s masterpieces. The statues lay on white Carrara marble pedestals (the allegories of peace and good rule are on Ranuccio’s pedestal, while Schelda Bridge and the meeting with the English ambassadors are on the other, remembering the war fought by Alessandro in the Flanders), the sculptor masters Donatello’s ‘stiacciato’ technique, which is a very low bas relief. The  scenes are completed by Rafael-like putti, holding the Farnese coat of arms and that of the city. When Mochi was working on the horses the ‘Sistine Madonna’ still held its place in

San Sisto choir and the sculptor had probably been inspired by them, choosing the theme of Putti to hold with grace and delicacy the symbols of power.

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