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Piacenza, the first born

On 10th May 1848, Piacenza was awarded the gold medal, as acknowledgement for its patriotism because, the first among Italian cities, it was annexed, with a nearly unanimous referendum vote, to Piedmont, thus deserving the title, bestowed by Carlo Alberto, of ‘Primogenita’ (First born)». 

Royal decree n. 322 of 27th January 1941 awarded Piacenza the gold medal for its «highly patriotic deeds performed by Italian cities during the Risorgimento».
This award was connected with one of the most important events in the history of Piacenza: the referendum which annexed it to Piedmont.

In May 1848 the inhabitants of Piacenza voted the annexation of Piacenza and its territory to Piedmont: 98% of voters was in favour.
The triumph was solemnly proclaimed on 10th May in San Francesco Church.
On 14th May a delegation from Piacenza, composed by Pietro Gioia, Fabrizio Gavardi and Antonio Rebasti, went to the field of Sommacampagna, close to Verona, to deliver the vote of Piacenza to the king Carlo Alberto.

The proclamation of the «participation at the Italian Independence», was read by Pietro Gioia, the protagonist of this part of the history of Piacenza.


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