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City of Piacenza, Purple heart

Piacenza Medaglia d'oro al Valor Militare

In twenty months of hard servitude,  it confirmed, with the blood of its children, the noble traditions that contributed to the proclamation of ‘First Born’.

Shootings, martyrdoms, deportations, ransacking and destruction didn’t affect the fierceness of its people who, united in the sacred name of Italy, covered themselves in never-ending glory in one hundred fights against a very strong enemy.

In the comeback days its citizens reconquered their homes and freedom and hoisted on the Municipal tower the Flag consecrated by the sacrifice of the Fallen.

8th September 1943 – 28th April 1945

In 1996 the president Oscar Luigi Scalfaro awarded the city with the Purple Heart, acknowledging the painful and intense commitment in the fight against the Nazist dictatorship.
The partisans brigades entered Piacenza, freed by the invaders, in the morning of 28th April 1945, day when the history of this post war period began.

Jul 13, 2017 - Dec 06, 2014

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