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How to get to Piacenza by car and camper


From Milano and from Bologna A1 motorway, take Piacenza sud or Basso Lodigiano exits; from Torino A21 motorway, take Piacenza ovest exit and from Brescia A21 motorway or take Piacenza sud exit.

How to reach the city center:

  • from Piacenza Sud motorway exit
    keep to the right and take Via Caorsana, drive past the churchyard and drive along the overpass, then turn right and take Via Colombo. When you reach  ‘Lupa’ (She-wolf) monument keep to the right until you reach the railway station. Carry on up to Piazzale Milano (Bridge builders monument), turn left towards viale Risorgimento and park your car in piazza Cittadella. (map)
  • from Piacenza Ovest motorway exit, 
    at the roundabout, turn left into Via Emilia Pavese. Keep going straight until you reach another roundabout, then turn left and take the city ringroad; when you reach the Bridge builders Monument drive past the renaissance walls, turn right and take Viale Risorgimento. Park your car in Piazza Cittadella. (map)
  • from Basso Lodigiano exit, 
    turn left and head for Piacenza; after the bridge over the river Po you’ll reach the bridge builders monument, turn left into viale Sant'Ambrogio (where a free parking is available) or go straight along viale Risorgimento and park in piazza Cittadella. (map)

If you arrive by car we recommend parking in one of the parking areas just outside the Pedestrian Precinct ZTL (Congestion Charge Zone).


If you travel by camper van:

If you travel by (tourist) bus:

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