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Piacenza, the first born and Purple heart


The town
“Piacenza è terra di passo”  Leonardo Da Vinci used to write in ‘Codice Atlantico’. Being located at the junction of  four different regions, it is, consequently, the gate of Emilia: founded on the river Po, it is surrounded by the hills and mountains of the Apennines. Former Roman colony, subsequently an important medieval centre, it has always been an ideal rest area for princes and pilgrims on their way, crusaders and templars, tradesmen and artists who left their mark here.

“Segnori vu sie tuti gi benvegnù e zascaun chi che vera sera ben vegnu e ben recevu” (Sirs, you are all welcome, and whoever comes will also be welcome) says the “Targa del benvegnù” (welcome plate), a slab witnessing a gift for hospitality which is part of Piacenza's DNA. Though looking reserved, the town has a warm heart which is worth discovering. Thus, Piacenza is worth a stop, and the reasons are several.



Mar 08, 2018 - Nov 28, 2014