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Itineraries: Piacenza and Giuseppe Verdi


Giuseppe Verdi (Le Roncole, Parma 1813 - Milan 1901) dominated the history of Italian opera music between 1840 and the end of the century: "Verdi was a fresh new voice ... Italian through and through, wild and constantly unsatisfied...he was the most authoritative and strenuous defender of tradition and of the cause of Italian opera". (Francesco Bussi)

Giuseppe Verdi and his music are indeed a patrimony of humanity today, but in Piacenza and in his "pianuraccia" (his nickname for Pianura Padana) the traces of "the villager from Roncole" are still evident in the places where he used to dwell, which he chose as safe and private haven full of vibrant inspiration.

In Sant'Agata near Piacenza, in the residence that Verdi considered "his village" not only did he compose music, but also cultivated lands and nurtured his interests for art, economics, politics, as a generous patron.


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