vini piacentini


Defining Piacenza as land of wines isn’t enough...
It’s always been known, as witnessed by the archaeological remains which were found here and may be connected with Bacchus’s nectar, like the famous Etruscan divinatory liver (II-I century B.C.), with the inscriptions dedicated to the god of wine, and famous Gutturnium, the Roman silver jug.
Appreciated by Cicero, Popes and kings, as Paolo III Farnese and Charles III of Spain, as well as today, Piacenza’s DOC wines are 17, among which Gutturnio (Barbera and Croatina) and Ortrugo.
Vinum merum placentinum laetificat: “The simple wine of Piacenza makes people happy”, today as in the past, and it is fundamental to accompany many specialties of Piacenza’s gastronomy.



May 23, 2018 - Dec 06, 2014