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Anolini (Anvéi)



All-purpose flour
Eggs (one every 100 grams of flour)
A pinch of salt
Grated Grana Cheese
Bread crumbs


Preparation method

Stracotto (meat) stuffing

Slice two garlic cloves and the meat (1Kg and a half of beef).  Chop the onion and brown it in butter; add the meat and brown it on all sides; pour the red wine over it and keep cooking. Grind lard, celery, carrot and add them to the meat once the wine has evaporated. Add now two laurel leaves, two spoonfuls of tomato sauce, salt and spices; cover with boiling water and mix so that the sauce becomes loose. Cover and let simmer for about 12 hours, stirring the pan every now and then so that meat and sauce don’t stick to it.

Once ready, mince the stew and pour it into a bowl, adding sauce, bread crumbs and grana cheese, a pinch of nutmeg, then knead until you obtain a smooth mix.


Knead 400 grams of flour, eggs and a pinch of salt, roll the dough into a thin round and cut it into 10 cm large stripes; then, lay on one side of each stripe many little balls of stuffing at 5/6 cm from one another. Fold the dough on itself, press the dough between each ball slightly and cut it with the specific round mould. Alternatively, you may use a round glass, obtaining half moons you will press firmly to prevent the stuffing from leaking. Cook "anvein" in a broth prepared with capon, beef and, pork low fat meat.


Instead of being made with ‘stracotto’, in Arda Valley the stuffing is only made with bread crumbs and grana cheese mixed with a little broth or sauce, eggs and spices.

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