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Official app of the city of Piacenza

App Piacenza is the application of the city of Piacenza: an innovative tourist guide and a tool to better enjoy the city.

App Piacenza is the application of the city of Piacenza: an innovative tourist guide and a tool to better enjoy the city thanks to its smartphone or tablet, designed for tourists who want to discover the artistic beauties and know, the catering services and the accommodation facilities as well as being informed about what is happening around him. On the interactive map of the city the user can see the main points of interest, choose which to reach and the application will act as a navigator guiding him through the city streets; each point of interest is accompanied by an exhaustive description and any multimedia content and can be saved in a personal favorite section to access it easily at any time. The search and sharing functions on social networks make the visit experience more immediate and satisfying, while various thematic routes show tourists the most significant aspects of the history and culture of Piacenza. In addition, innovative "augmented itineraries" of the city are available: Dotto route, Profane route, Sacred route.
Thanks to the I-Beacon technology the app does not stop at the doors of buildings, but is able to accompany the user even inside a museum, a church or an art gallery and show according to the position of the visitor information on the exhibited works.
A specific section dedicated to events allows anyone who uses the app to be constantly updated on city life and receive notifications about it.
The optimal use of App Piacenza has an active screen and with the following active mobile device options:

- localization (set to always for IOS) - for the functions of localization and navigation on the map;
- active bluetooth;
- active background data update (for IOS version)
Caution: Continued use of background location services may decrease battery life.



It is possible to select different thematic itineraries, which will meet individual needs and interests, and travel the streets of the city through the maps.

Download immediately to Google play or App Store


Jan 16, 2019 - Dec 06, 2014

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