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Ztl – Restricted Traffic Area (Congestion Charge zones)

Congestion Charge Cameras – including holidays – from 8.00 am to 7.00 pm

Cameras monitoring the accesses to the Congestion Charge zone are active along the following streets: via Roma, via Cavour,  piazza Borgo, via S.Antonino, via Giordani, via Gregorio X, via Gaspare Landi, via S.Stefano, via Pantalini, vicolo S.Paolo, via Scalabrini-angolo Piazza S.Paolo, via S.Giovanni.

The Congestion Charge Zone in Piacenza is divided into 4 areas: A-B-C-D, shown in the map below.

See Congestion Charge zone (ZTL) in a magnified map


Passes to Cogestion Charge zone

To access  the Congestion Charge zone from 8.00 am to 7.00 pm you need a pass, except for specific cases.
(In unforeseen cases or real need for please contact ‘Ufficio Permessi’ – Permit Office-.)

There are different types of passes (light blue - red - blue - white), they last 2 years from release (the expiry date is indicated on the Pass).
One year  temporary passes lasting max 1 year are also available; they have the same typology (light blue - red - blue - white) and follow the same rules as biennial passes (costs and conditions).
A daily pass is also available, for specified needs, occasional operations or personal needs.


Access to the Congestion Charge zone of vehicles accompanying people with reduced walking capabilities

contrassegno invalidi

The access to the Congestion Charge zone of vehicles accompanying people with reduced walking capabilities ( displaying the permission and living outside the municipality of Piacenza) is possible, provided that the plate number is communicated to the toll-free number 800 252055.

PARKING in the congestion charge zone is allowed, provided the signs and the traffic code are respected.

Congestion Charge Cameras
Congestion charge cameras work everyday, including Sundays and holidays, from 8.00 am to  7.00 pm.
Violations are detected each time a car drives past the camera, even in a short time. The owner usually receives the fine within two months.

The fine for unauthorised access to the congestion charge zone (without pass, with expired pass)  is € 80 + mailing expenses.
(art. 7 and art. 158/c 2 Lett. L of the Traffic Code)

16/05/2017 - 27/12/2014